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Adeko is sinds 1994 actief in de promotionele branche. Je kunt bij ons terecht voor alle promotieartikelen zoals bijvoorbeeld bedrijfs- en promotiekleding, relatiegeschenken, premiums en zelfs voor je drukwerk. Kortom, voor alles waar een logo op moet, is Adeko jouw partner!


Restaurant Dubrovnik

Proof that a website also works for a restaurant with a regular clientele delivers Restaurant Dubrovnik! After some insistence at our favorite restaurant Brano Radunovic was persuaded to have a website developed and he does not regret it. He also enjoys his reservation tool and we are happy to be…

Wendsy’s Wandelingen

Wendy has developed herself into a walking encyclopedia of the history of the city of Utrecht. At the same time, it knows each and every hidden place of historic value in the city. At some point it was time to share this knowledge with the residents and visitors of the…

Hedsor Consulting

Ronald’s assignment was to build a timeless and multilingual website that also works well on mobile devices. No fuss but a clear and informative website that should persuade its prospects to contact him.

LVB Printstore

With her webshop Ingrid supplies personalized products to both individuals and companies. Prestashop is a perfect platform for this activity and Ingrid is very skilled at maintaining the webshop.

Gisba Slaapcomfort

Francien van Gisba Slaapcomfort is a client who can and wants to do a lot herself. For example, she runs several PrestaShop webshops that are all focused on duvets and related items. Every webshop has its own atmosphere and collection. Francien has enabled us to develop the final finishing touches…


Flexible workplaces in an environment where you can find everything you can think of to work well. That was the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčLisman & Lisman Vastgoed. It has become an exciting space with all the comforts and amenities you need to be able to do your work in peace. Of…