About Adeko

Adeko’s goal is simple. It is to make the online world more user-friendly and manageable for all our clients. We do this with the help of powerful management systems such as Prestashop and WordPress. Together with our guidance, our clients will soon become more successful online, learning essential tips and tricks along the way and optimizing the use of online tools.

We try not to complicate matters by using unnecessary jargon, always aiming to keep things simple and to the point. We offer a variety of services such as developing webshops, websites, hosting,  SSL-certificaten and domain registrations just to mention a few examples.

If you want to know more about Adeko, please contact us.

The Adeko team

The Adeko team is very diverse with each team member having their own specialty. This helps us to respond to specific demands for developing or designing websites and/or webshops for our clients. In addition to our regular designers and developers, Adeko offers vocational training courses and regularly discovers fresh talent. This ensures we maintain a vibrant and talented workforce, capable of keeping right up to date with market trends. If our clients require it, we can offer one to one assistance to help with any issues.


In addition to specializing in the field of Webdesign and Development, we have been active in the promotional sector since 1994. If you are looking for anything that relates to promotional and/or marketing activities we are the company to help you. This gives you one company for almost all marketing activities, with the added advantage of monitoring your corporate identity in all these disciplines. For more information about the promotional branch of Adeko please contact us.