Domain registration sometimes sounds very exciting but in reality it is not. Registering a domain name can be done directly via our website. We can also be of service to you when thinking about a suitable domain name. Together we can see which names are still available and immediately register for you. Of course this can be done with all existing extensions, whether it is a .nl or a .info or everything in between. We are happy to help you with this and of course we take care of this for you. You can register your domain name with your own holder data, but you can also contact us for anonymous domain registrations.


Which extension you choose certainly also contributes to being found by the right visitor. If you only focus on the Netherlands, then a .nl domain name is probably the best choice for you. But maybe you are focusing specifically on the English market, then a would be more sensible. Internationally, the .com is still by far the best choice but extensions such as .info and .store are also interesting and are increasingly being chosen. In short, something as simple as a domain name can still be quite complicated at times. Of course we are happy to help you make the right choice. Ultimately the goal is to get your product or service as good as possible on your customers (mobile) device.

Do you still have different wishes, do you have any questions, or are you curious about one of our other services? For example, Prestashop or WordPress hosting or do you need an SSL certificate for your website or webshop? Contact us, we are happy to be of service or provide you with more information. What we like to do is think along with you and take as much work off your hands as possible instead of bothering you with unnecessary questions or complicated stories.