What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which is mainly aimed at developing, maintaining and managing websites. Obviously this can be from a very simple to a very extensive website. The CMS WordPress is “open source” which means that it is free to download and you can easily get started. But …. by letting us do this you can just go one step further. In addition to installing a standard theme, we can also develop a completely customized theme which, thanks to this CMS, can still be managed independently.

Who is WordPress suitable for?

Actually for everyone who wants to post something online. Whether it is a private- hobby- or company website, a blog or even a booking system, it can easily be done with a WordPress website.  You could also use WordPress to create a basic web shop. For a more extensive webshop with more functionalities we advise you to choose PrestaShop.

What do you need?

Besides the website, you obviously need other things. First, a good domain name. Whether it is a .nl domain or a .com and everything in between. Adeko can take care of that for you. You also need “hosting”. After all, the website has to be stored somewhere. Adeko offers various specialized WordPress hosting packages. We also strongly recommend that you install an SSL certificate. We can take care of the certificate itself as well as the installation of it.