Developing successful webshops together with our customers!

PrestaShop is the platform, or Content Management System (CMS), for a good and stable webshop. This CMS provides a safe and stable platform for designing and developing a professional and successful webshop. Even though the package offers many possibilities, additions and options, PrestaShop has succeeded in keeping the package flexible. There are numerous modules available that can add extra functionalities to your webshop, but if a specific function does not seem available, we have the capability to develop it.
There are no restrictions visually, so your corporate identity can be seamlessly implemented within your webshop. No two webshops are ever the same, as they always have their own unique identity, it is essential each one is functional and easy to use. A webshop is ever-evolving and has to adapt to the changing environment. That’s why we like to work closely with you to become and remain successful online. A few examples of what we have developed over time for our customers can be found in our portfolio.

Unique appearance with a customized PrestaShop designed webshop

Adeko specializes in customized webshops and can therefore provide an excellent service to you. First a unique design is made in consultation with you. After approval, this design is developed into a well-functioning webshop. Conversion optimization plays an important role in the design. Visitors must feel confident while visiting your webshop. If you want to discuss what we can do for you or you just require a price indication, then please contact us so we can discuss matters with you in a clear and easy to understand manner.

PrestaShop theme webshop

You could decide to opt for an existing theme to develop your webshop. This option, despite being limited within the original framework, can be adapted to your own style. We can help adjust and fine tune the webshop along the way. This clearly helps to save on the costs of a design.

Performance couplings

PrestaShop can be perfectly matched with your accounting package. With an accounting coupling you save money and time. Time you can spend on your webshop! For example, ask for the possibilities of an Excact Online, Quick Start or Account View coupling. In addition to couplings with an accounting package, many other couplings can also be made such as WordPress blog, carriers, email marketing or payment service partners.

Full service

A webshop does not stop at the development and design stages. It is essential to include suitable hosting, an SSL certificate and a domain registration. An easy to remember e-mail address is crucial. We will be pleased to take care of all these services for you. Should you require any more information on this or any other webshop related matter, please contact us.