Actually no website or webshop can do without an SSL certificate. There are 4 main reasons for having an SSL certificate installed.


According to the new European privacy law AVG you must have an SSL certificate as soon as you have a contact form on your website. With an SSL you ensure a secure connection with the server where this data is stored. In addition, the data is sent encrypted.


An essential part of conversion is getting the trust of the visitor. By installing an SSL certificate you show the visitors that you take security seriously. The customers can see this in the address bar and that gives just that bit more confidence. As a result, the conversion on the website or webshop will go up.


Google will reward you in the search results. Websites and webshops with an SSL certificate are higher ranked in the results than those without an SSL certificate. Partly for this reason it is also important to take care of this as quickly as possible. Experience shows that once you drop in the search results, it takes a lot of effort to start rising again in the search results.


Last but not least, Chrome shows your URL in red being “not safe”. It is expected that other web browsers will follow the example of Chrome. A good example can be found, for example, on banks’ websites. In the address bar you will find a green lock with the name of the Bank behind it. This is not very noticeable, for example, until it is shown in red and a report is not safe. Then you probably will not login as quickly and double check whether you are on the right website.


There are different SSL certificates. We advise you to contact us so that we can advise you which SSL certificate is best suited for you. In general, the rule is that a simple SSL is sufficient for a website. An SSL with extended validation is recommended for webshops.