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Adeko is sinds 1994 actief in de promotionele branche. Je kunt bij ons terecht voor alle promotieartikelen zoals bijvoorbeeld bedrijfs- en promotiekleding, relatiegeschenken, premiums en zelfs voor je drukwerk. Kortom, voor alles waar een logo op moet, is Adeko jouw partner!


The Banierhuis came to us with a large problem. Once a loyal customer of Magento but with the upgrade to the new version they ran into problems. It has therefore been decided to have the web shop built in PrestaShop. But here they ran into a problem again but this time it was with the developer who ran into issues for which the expertise was missing. After having made a complete and clear overview of what was needed to be done, we were able to (re)build there web shop and develop it into a shop that now runs satisfactorily.

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