Promotional Products

What are Promotional Products actually? Well, that is very simple. Everything with your logo and / or advertising on it is a promotional product. Below a number of product groups that fall under this and which you can purchase through us. Since 1994 we have been involved in promotional products so we can say that we understand this. Curious about what we can do for you? Contact us!


All employees in the color(s) of your company. Good idea! With workwear you ensure recognition and promotion. Your employees are everywhere and nowhere so why not use them? From printed poloshirts to embroidered bodywarmers and jackets with beautiful transfers to sportswear with sublimation print: workwear is available in all versions, colors and sizes. Workwear is no longer only intended for specific professional groups, but workwear is really applicable in all possible professions.

Fashion as a promotional tool:

People are crazy about fashion. Especially if it’s free. Not surprising, therefore, to use fashion as a promotional item. Then you are sure that your company is being seen. Hand out as many t-shirts, scarves, bags and caps as possible. All with your logo and / or advertising on it. With this you ensure that you are seen a lot and create name recognition and believe us, this really works!


Show up at fairs and events: use premiums. These small giveaways with your logo and / or advertising on it are a proven advertising tool. Think of ballpoint pens, key rings and flags. Prefer a genuine consumer item? Then, for example, opt for an umbrella, towel or a diary, whether electronic or not. Choose a special method to have your logo placed. Or think of a very good catchy slogan.

Promotional gifts:

A stylish gift for your relations. With that you show that you appreciate your relationships. From watches to tools and from personal care products to office supplies: the possibilities are endless. And they all carry your logo and / or advertising message. Nice as a welcome gift, end of year gift or jubilee gift for example. But also think out of the box. Just to make a suggestion; Instead of an end-of-year gift, which is of course very nice, but what is wrong with the first day of spring? Send a number of flower seeds canned and provide the can with a nice wrap on which your message shows off.


The product of your choice in the colors of your house style? We are happy to arrange that for you! Choose the materials, design and colors yourself. And if you want, we think with you. Also for the printing, you determine what happens. In principle everything is possible. Also a nice embroidered or engraved advertising slogan for example. Adeko has direct contacts with a number of factories in China, making the possibilities really virtually limitless. Challenge us, contact us or send us an inquiry.


A nicely printed business card still impresses. Also in this world of online communication. A professional look is up for grabs. We ensure that your stationery, envelopes, flyers and brochures look impressive. The choice in types of paper, sizes and colors is unprecedented, from budget to luxury, from special to just fine. We can provide you with this.